High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AVI-HS

The High Speed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine AVI HS is with exchange table offer faster cutting speeds and high power laser sources (6000w+) compared to other cutting solutions, suitable for cutting large volumes of sheet metal. It is designed to efficiently cut through a range of materials, including stainless steel,  Aluminium, brass, and copper, with a high degree of precision and accuracy. The front and back of the protective cover are equipped with built-in cameras and use the intelligent central control system to monitor the operation. The European CE standard OD4+ level protective glass observation window, thickened sheet metal protective cover, safe production.

  • High Load around Hollow Bed
  • Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head
  • Exchange Bed Platform
  • Laser Cutting Source 

High Load Wrap around Hollow Bed:

The special bed for ultra-high power laser cutting machine is made of high-strength steel. The cutting area is hollow to prevent the machine from overheating and deforming. This bed has the advantages of fatigue resistance and over burn prevention, ensuring the cutting accuracy of the machine bed.

Auto-Focus Laser Cutting Head

Stable & Efficient Cutting: Real time in head sensor stable cutting performance by detecting paths not cut through to give an automatic recut.

Smart Piercing Real time monitoring of piercing process make it possible to start cutting right after piercing. No more waiting, efficiency significantly improved. 

Slag Free CuttingMonitor the laser beam to timely turn it off to realize a slug free cutting with no gap.

Exchange Table Platform

Equipped with a six-sided steel track, the pulley and the track are inlaid tightly, powerful pneumatic tightening, and the built-in pulley runs smoothly. The fastest can achieve a complete exchange in 10s.

Laser Cutting Source

High-power fiber-coupled diode laser systems have higher electrooptical conversion efficiency more than 45%, more compact size and more competitive price than fiber lasers. The laser output through the conductive fiber, suitable for using with the automation equipment, to achieve flexible laser processing. These features make high-power fiber-coupled diode laser system perfect for metal materials apllications suchas cladding, brazing and surface heat treatment.

Technical Parameter

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